Formloss is online lost and found directory site aimed at helping find missing persons, items and property. We provide a platform to the general public to post or search for their missing valuables on the site.

This initiative was launched a year ago and since then, the public has greatly embraced it. Clients searching for their items have been able to find them by help of people who posted the item our site. The idea for came in mind after the founder sold a car was to someone around 2016 and in just a few months later the car got snatched and stolen; “I felt very bad and there was nothing I could do to get the car back or track it. So, an idea came to post the pictures of the car on my social media platforms to help find the car.”  It was successful due to friends and family being on the watch out for the car and posting on their social media page which led to the quick retrieval of the car.

This firmed the up the idea to generate this project and thankfully God has been good. Clients who post any found item are easily able to locate the rightful owners. Same applies to those who come in search for their items both missing persons and other items. The motive behind is to help support the police to locate or help fine valuable items missing or persons.

What motives us to keep moving forward always is the belief and joy that this through this platform people can easily post and find whatever is missing.

Formloss is a company of Integrity and we make sure we hand over to the respective owners their stolen item just as it was sent to us.


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Integrity
  • People Focused


To be the preferred online destination for individuals and cooperate bodies to report and find their missing items or persons.